Bow Blades


Multiple Block Knives

Multiple Bottom knives are
available in single edge or double
cutting edge. The knives are available
in various steel grades from 1.2510 to
1.2370 (D2) for ultimate durability

Top Slitter Knives

Available in all sizes, type and steel
grades. Highly polished to precision
tolerances to ensure longer life.
Knife holders manufactured to suite
all type of slitters. Plain- or Bayonet
bore with or without self-locking systems.

Bottom Slitter Anvils

Manufactured in all sizes, types
and steel grades. Bottom knives are
available in single edge, double
edge or as Multiple Bottom knives
with multiple cutting edges. These
knives are offered with different types
of locking systems like plain bore,
eccentric locking, eccentric key
locking for keyed shafts.

Corrugated Industry

Quality tooling to suit a vast range
of board machinery, consisting of:

 Slotting knives - lowers, uppers,
serrated edges. Slitting knives -
Razor slit corrugator knives, split
circle slitters and trim. Stitch flap
tooling - Tabtool, anvils and blades.
Chop knives - corrugator cut-off and
chop, beam slot and corner cut.
Polyurethane parts - die-cut anvils,
stitch flap anvils, creaser inserts and

Paper Converting Slitter

Converting slitters available in all types
of shapes, sizes and steel grades.
litters are highly polished for precision slitting.

Guillotine & Trimming Knives

Guillotine blades are manufactured
from different grades of tool steel.
 High wear resistant and stable
cutting edges to ensure clean and
precision cutting.

Binding, Stitching & Sheets Cutters

Superior quality and finish. Razor
sharp edges. Blades available in solid
HCHHCr (D2), HSS and TCT inlays.
Sheets cutters up to 4400mm in single
pieces. Precision ground and honed.

Ganulator Blades

Granulator knives (stationary & rotary blades),
Wear plates, Pelletizers, Shredders and
Die cutters. Manufactured from HCHHCr
(1.2379 and 1.2463), HSS and Tungsten Carbide.

Slitter & Folders

Granulator knives (stationary & rotary blades),
 Wear plates, Pelletizers, Shredders and
 Die cutters. Manufactured from HCHHCr
((1.2379 and 1.2463), HSS and Tungsten Carbide.